Useful Websites

Milford Grade School
Information NOW
National Geographic Videos
Virtual Farm
Wordle - Create Word Clusters
Word It Out- Create Word Clouds
SID the Science Kid
Create Your Own Graphs
ChartGo - Online Graphing
Print Your Own Graph Paper
Make and Print Your Own Flashcards
Puzzle Maker Site
Make and Print your own wanted posters
Chemical Formulas
Create your own Newspaper Headline and Article
ZooBurst - Create a 3-D Book online
MGS Edmodo - Science videos and demonstrations
Create your own Fake Facebook Page
Create your own Fake Tweets
Count down timer
Online stopwatch - full screen
Siemen's Science Videos and activities
Prezi - Online presentation tool
Glogster - Online presentation tool
Comic Creator -
Comic Creator - Marvel Super Hero Squad - create and view your own interactive timelines
CRLS outline maker - Make and print your own outlines - create your own online stories and share them - upload your own images to create large life size printable posters
CK12 Flex Books - Online Science Textbooks
Festisite - Make and print your own poems in heart, spiral, or wavy shapes
aHEAD - creative presentations
Cube Creator - Read, Write, Think
Paper Toys -Free Printatble Paper Foldables
Animated Models for Science
Kerpoof Studio - Make cards, pictures, and stories
3D Images - 3D Toad
Off the Beat - CPR, Heart Model from American Heart Association
Awesome Stories - Find literature, narrations, and video clips
The Scale of Life using scientific notation
Virtual Pig Dissection - Whitman College
Magnify the Universe
Discover the World - (tropical rain forest)
Blabberize - Create pictures that talk
Graphic Organizers - Writing
Make Your Own Motivational Posters
Maggot Medicine
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Thomas Edison Biography

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